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We offer such a wide variety of printing options, that we see it

best fit to inform you of custom printing through FAQ's

Can I bring in my own tee for you to print on?
We really like to oblige clients with this request, but here are some guidelines to follow when shopping for your garment:
​1. It needs to be 100% cotton
2. Don't bring us $40 tees from American Apparel, it makes us nervous to print on . If you do, we will have you sign a release form. 
3. DO NOT PREWASH YOUR GARMENT! Bring it to us right out of the store.
4. If you are looking to save money, go through us, we can always get them cheaper.

How large do your tees go?
We can order up to 6XL standard,  3XLTall, or 3XL women's.

How small do your tees go?
We can order down to a newborn onesie through all youth sizes.

Are tees the only thing I can get?
NO!  We offer a wide variety of other items such as phone cases, mugs, coasters, koozies, totes, water bottles, swatches of fabric, pillowcases, tablet cases, ornaments, business card holders, etc...

Oh my gosh! You guys do buttons?!
YES!! We do, 1.25", 2.25", and 3" buttons. Also available in single orders, or bulk orders. 

Do you ship?
Yes!  We love to ship orders all over the country/world.

And the number 1 question!

When will my order be ready?
Once we have received all the information we need from you, your deposit, and a proof ok, please allow us 4-7 days to process your custom order.  We will call you when it is ready. 






​What style of printing do you offer?  
Don't get confused by our silly retail store name...when it comes to custom printing we are a 100% digital age print shop.  For cotton clothing items we use a direct to garment printer.  For polyester items, such as dry-fit and poly coated items such as i-phone cases and mugs,  we use Dye-Sublimation.
What is the minimum number of items I can order?  We have a minimum number of 1, so yes, we can print a single tee. 
Do you offer price breaks for bulk orders?
Yes! We offer price breaks for a variety of order sizes from 2 to 2000, etc..
So you have setup fees?
No! We have no setup fees or hidden charges.
Can you help me with my design?
Yes! We offer free design assistance.  Which means we can crop that random guy out of the back of you friend's photo, or add text to your baseball teams' jersey logo. 


Can you design my company logo from scratch?
YES! We love to do this kind of work, and we are definitely less expensive than a graphic design firm, however we do charge by the hour for company logos from scratch.  However, at the end of the process you will receive all necessary digital copies to use for other products. 
I have a design/picture.  How do I get it to you and in what format?
We prefer illustrator files, then photoshop files, then high resolution jpegs. But 90% of the time we can work from whatever you can email us, bring in to scan or transfer from zip drive. It is super easy!

...And if all else fails, call, email or come into the store!

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